DPS Couriers

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No matter what you need delivered, or how fast, DPS Couriers guarantees we can help.

Since opening in 1988, we’ve been providing the highest quality service to businesses of all shapes and sizes, whether public or private sector. Indeed, many clients see us for what we are—an extension of their business. We save businesses from wasting valuable time, money and effort on handling deliveries.

We deliver across Canberra and surrounding region, and interstate. We provide a Bullet service through to general delivery. No fuss at your end. Just a quick call and we’re on the move.

We also provide Business storage at competitive rates with the benefit of a DPS Courier service.

DPS Couriers is no fly-by-night business. We’ve been in business for 27 years, always operating with a professional approach.

Our motto is fast, friendly and personal. It’s the standard we expect of ourselves, and the standard you can expect from us—100 per cent of the time.

Your service is guaranteed.

As a business you’ll inevitably have different courier needs at different times. Sometimes you’ll need something rushed to the airport as fast as a bullet, or a document delivered quick sharp, or advertising material delivered to an event against a tight and immoveable deadline. At other times, you’ll just need general deliveries. No matter what your need, we guarantee our service. And if your business operation requires something unique, no problem. Just call and we’ll work out a solution.


Speedy service


Pick up and deliver your item within 30 minutes from the time you call us. Perfect for when a time-critical deadline must be met.


Pick up and deliver your item within 1 hour from the time you call us. Perfect for when quick delivery is needed.


Pick up and deliver your item within 3 hours from the time you call us. Perfect for general deliveries that aren’t so rushed.

Van hire

At times you may not want your delivery products mixed with freight from other businesses. No worries. DPS Couriers’ van hire is the solution. Your freight will be the only freight in the van. An excellent option for frail or sensitive material or for a consignment of multiple packages that will fill an entire van.

Storage and delivery.

DPS Couriers combines secure business storage with the convenience of our courier service for local pickup and delivery. Save time by not going to you storage facility DPS will deliver to your office or to another address. Items are also cataloged for your convenience.



Set runs/bank runs

If your business needs regular pick up and/or delivery—whether daily, weekly or monthly—DPS Couriers can organise this. We provide this service to a range of clients, including those who need confidential or secure parcels delivered to banks, airports, passport offices and the like.

Mail runs

Why not save your business time and money? Instead of having staff waste valuable time picking up your mail from post offices or banks, let us handle your mail runs. We’ll do it as often as you need.

Interstate and international

Reliable interstate or international services offered by DPS Couriers through our trusted agents, all of whom are well-established, and reliable.


For your convenience and ease of accounting, DPS Couriers provides monthly invoices, detailing each delivery. You can pay your invoice by  direct credit to our bank account or simply pay on pickup or arrival.






You can contact DPS by any of the following methods:

Hours of Business:
8am – 4.30pm weekdays

Phone: 0418 626 586

INT:  61 418 626 586

Postal Address:
GPO BOX 1277
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